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A few Updates and more

2019-01-09 at 1:35 AM - Psytap
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Hey fellow Trainers, we’d like to wish you a happy new year from the entirety of the Rising Phoenix staff again!At the same time there have been a few small announcements/ updates in Pokeone, which we’d like to inform you of.

Yesterday people have had issues with the verification of their new accounts, which prevented people from starting a new journey or heading on the adventure once again with an alternative account. Gladly our hero Xanatus fixed the issue very quickly and now you’ll only have to update the 64bit version or redownload the updated 32bit version of the game. To get the download, private message the discord moderators/ language mods / community support helpers or Game masters. At the same time we are allowed to host the download links as well, so feel free to download them on our site if that is more convenient for you.

An update has been made with the following changes:
- Donations for Lootboxes now in EUR instead of USD
- Certain Evolution Holditems should now work as expected
- Security Updates & Minor bug fixes

There have also been sites trying to sell download links, which is where the developer team of Pokeone made sure to specify that the game is and will always be free to play. Purchasable links will NEVER be a thing. You should make sure to stay away from such offers, as those may very likely contain viruses and thus should be ignored even if stated otherwise by the owner of said websites).

Lastly there have been issues of people getting stuck at Ilex Forest, Power Plant, Route 43, Goldenrod City Gym and Pokemon Mansion. For now stay away from these areas until there is a fix and if some other areas start get you stuck as well, make sure to inform the Game Masters of Pokeone.

With best regards,
Your RP Team

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