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Enjoy the Christmas Event!

2018-12-22 at 12:10 AM - Psytap
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As many of you know the Christmas Event in Pokeone got released yesterday morning!

To get access to the Eventmap you need tob e Champion in one region and go to Mt. Silver. There you just need to follow the candy canes to reach the entrance oft he Eventmap.

Now a huge Christmasmap is awaiting you to discover, which includes many exciting quests and new Pokemon. Amongst other things, you’ll be able to challenge the Grinch and Frosty the Snowman. Beating them will lead to many different rare bossdrops. The prism scale will be available once again.

There are many new Pokemon available now:

Deerling in the Clause Canyon and in der Jingle Valley.

Bergmite in the Clause Canyon and in Prancer Pass.

Swirlix in the Clause Cave and in the Prancer Pass.

Vanillite in the Frosty Field.

Cubchoo in the Noel Pass in the wild gras.

Crabrawler in the Noel Pass only via fishing.

Feebas in the Noel Pass only via fishing.

Cottonee on the Silver Bell Mountain.

Yungoos in the Noel Pass in the wild gras.

Snover in Saint Nicholas Hollow.

Spheal in the Noel Pass via surfing.

Glaceon is available by leveling Eevee anywhere on the christmas-map.

There is once again a quest that consists of finishing hidden quests like in the Halloween Event. This time Articuno will be a reward as a fly mount. An in depth guide will follow.

We find the christmas event to be a huge success and a big improvement in comparison to the Halloween Event as well. The event is lots of fun and we can feel the christmas vibes in the air from it! Big thanks to the developpers for bringing us such a fantastic event!
We wish you a lot of fun during the event and we’d like to apologize fort he late news due to us being slowed down by RL issues.

Your RP Team.

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immer noch keine anleitung für die 13-quest?

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